TexSTOC History

Sometimes it seems like this whole thing with the Honda ST and other Sport Touring machines and long distance riding, looking for curving roads and a good deal on tires, has been going on for years. Actually, it has. Several years to be exact. I rode a few dirt bikes growing up but didn't really get my own until 1984, a Yamaha 400 twin. That led to bigger engines, a different couple of bikes and finally a Honda Sabre. The V-4, drive-shaft equipped motorcycle was and still is one of my favorites. Selling my Sabre after our daughter was born, it was 4 years until I was given 'permission' to buy another. My next Honda Sabre was in the shop for some new tires and I happened to see a red '95 ST on the dealer floor. I spent the next few months learning all I could about them and locating a used one. 

The rest, as they say, is history. Well, honestly, all this page is history I suppose. In any case, after attending WeSTOC up in Montana, I felt we needed a gathering of our own here in Texas. Organizing the first one in the piney woods of east Texas was fun and educational. Since then we have had six get-togethers.

1. Lufkin 1996 First year
2. Mena 1997 Only 2 pix, thanks to Dan Weber - A, B
3. Fredericksburg 1998 Great town
4. Ft. Davis 1999, page 2 Great scenery around Big Bend
5. Bandera 2000 RainSTOC, very wet
6. Bandera 2001 Much better weather this year
7. Alpine 2002,   preview Again to west Texas
8. Glen Rose 2003 Close to Dallas but surprising roads
9. Kerrville 2004 Back to Hill Country again
10. Fredericksburg 2005  
11. Alpine 2006  
12.Clarksville, AR 2007 Excellent roads in a dry county!
13.Eureka Springs, AR 2008  We combined with NatSTOC this year
14. Marble Falls, TX 2009  Close to the Hill Country
15. Los Alamos, NM 2010  Up in the hills
16. Fredericksburg 2011 Back again
17. Rocksprings 2012 Combined with WWE1
18. Ft. Davis 2013  
19. Eureka Springs 2014  
20. Bandera 2015  
21. Russellville 2016  
22. Fredericksburg 2017  

I didn't start the web site until after the first TexSTOC so there are not as many photos from early on. What I have is collected here. Still looking for TexSTOC II photos from 1997. Hopefully everyone who has come along for the rides has had as much fun as I have.